Teaching Team

_____Teachers from Abroad:
_Kostas Terzidis
__Harvard Graduate School of Design, Associate Professor
__Field: Algorithmic Architecture, Kinetic Architecture, Computational Design, Design Research 
_Edith Ackermann
__MIT School of Architecture, Visiting Scientist
__University of Aix-Marseille, Honorary Professor of Psychology
__Field: Psychology, Human Learning, Imagination, Creativity
_Christian Friedrich
__TU Delft, Hyperbody Group, PhD Candidate
__Field: Non-Standard and Interactive Architecture, Immediate Architecture, BuilD Environments
_Peter Schmitt
__MIT MediaLab, Research Assistant
__Field: Personal Robots, Digital Prototyping, Fabrication, Kinetic Sculptures
_Susanne Seitinger
__MIT MediaLab, Post-doctoral Associate
__Field: Fluid Interfaces, Interactive playground environments
_Emmanouil Zaroukas
__University of East London, School of Architecture and the Visual Arts, Lecturer, PhD Candidate
__Field: Algorithmic Architecture, Artificial Neural Networks
_____Teachers from AUTh:
_Constantin Spiridonidis
__AUTh, School of Architecture, Associate Professor
__Field: Design Theories, Design Research Methods, Architectural Education
_Maria Voyatzaki
__AUTh, School of Architecture, Associate Professor
__Field: Design Theories, Digital Materiality, Digital Fabrication, Smart Materials
_Dimitris Gourdoukis
__AUTh, School of Architecture, Adjunct Lecturer, PhD Candidate
__Field: Algorithmic Design Protocols, Digital Fabrication, Digital Representation
_Panayiotis Chatzitsakyris
__AUTh, School of Architecture, Adjunct Lecturer, PhD candidate
__Field: Algorithmic Design, Digital Fabrication

_____Hosts and Teachers from TUC:
_Kostis Oungrinis
__TUC, Department of Architecture, Assistant Professor
__Field: Transformable Architecture, Kinetic Structures, Smart materials
_Socratis Yiannoudes
__TUC, Department of Architecture, Lecturer
__Field: Computationally Driven Architecture, Transformable Structures, 
______Sociology of Technology and Architecture
_Marianthi Liapi
__TUC, Department of Architecture, Adjunct Lecturer
__Field: Spatial cognition, Interactive media, Visual Communication